Offensive Gospel

“There are many points and particulars in which the Gospel is offensive to human nature and revolting to the pride of the creature. It was not intended to please man. How can we attribute such a purpose to God? Why should He devise a goal to suit the whims of our poor fallen human nature? He intended to save men, but He never intended to gratify their depraved tastes.”

C.H. Spurgeon

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Charles Spurgeon

C.H. Spurgeon (1834-1892), an English Baptist pastor, preached his first sermon at sixteen. At twenty-two, he was the most popular preacher of his day, habitually addressing congregations numbering six to ten thousand. In addition, he was active in philanthropic work and evangelism, and the author of several books.

  • Mark Morcom

    What comes to mind here is the headship of man and the forbidding of woman to be teachers in the Christian church. I always find this to be offensive and so un-Christlike but more Paul like

    • todd boykin

      all scripture is God breathed and given by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to identify that parts of scripture were written by Pauls own desire shows a lack of understanding Gods word! Jesus spoke by the power of the Holy Spirit and the writers wrote by the power of the Holy Spirit, 2nd Timothy chapter 3 vs 16

    • Anonymous

      Men are responsible for leading. So, they have to do the teaching. Men and women are equal, but have different jobs. I am not offended by that. Even Christ Himself was subject to God’s will in taking on a man’s body and dying on the cross. The Spirit is subject to the will of the Father. Though they are all equal, they have different jobs. It’s ok with me. I enjoy my responsibilities and don’t ruin that by pining for someone else’s.

    • deaconsbench

      The Bible forbids women to teach men. Nowhere in scripture is the woman forbidden to teach other women or children. Secondly, ALL scripture is God-breathed. There is no place available for “John said, Abraham said”. God said. It’s pure vanity and pride to think otherwise.

  • Nicole

    Men and women simply has different jobs. They are equal but with different intended purposes. Men are designed to be the leaders so they have to do the speaking. It’s their responsibility. Women have their own roles which cannot be filled by man. I’m ok with that.

    Also, even the Godhead is divided with responsibility. Though they are equal, there is only one Christ, one Spirit and one Father and they work as one within their own individual roles. This is how a man and wife should work together as well. Pining for someone else’s responsibility is neglecting your own and foolish.